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Four-Character Idioms That Will Improve the Level of Korean Posted by on Aug 27, 2021

Before 한글 (Hangul: Korean alphabets) was invented, Koreans used Chinese characters. In fact, only 양반 (yang-bahn: higher-class nobles) were allowed to write and read in Chinese. Therefore, the gap between the nobility and 백성 (baek-sung: the ordinary people) was too big to overcome.  세종대왕 (se-jong-dae-wang: King Sejong) in Chosun Dynasty had a desire to enlighten…

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Soul Nourishing Food Kimchi Posted by on Aug 16, 2021

I am currently in a country where daily COVID-19 cases are mercilessly going up. 봉쇄령 (bong-sea-ryung: Lockdown) has been ordered a long ago and it seems to be continually 연기되다 (yeon-gi-dwe-dah: extended).  During the lockdown, I was looking for something to do at home. One of the activities I chose to do at home was…

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