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Korean Movies that Reflect Human Rights of the Disabled Posted by on Aug 24, 2020

I was supposed to visit Korea to see my family and friends back in March. Unfortunately, that visit is still on hold, due to Covid-19. When the pandemic first broke out, I was severely 향수병 (hyang-soo-byung: homesick), which led me to binge watching all the Korean movies I could find on Netflix.  One thing I…

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Humanism Always Survives Posted by on Mar 19, 2020

A couple of months ago, I honestly thought my parents and friends went overboard with COVID-19 whenever I talked to them over the phone. I didn’t feel 임박한 위기 (im-bahk-hahn-wee-gi: an imminent danger) back then. They, of course, 자가 격리 (jah-gah-kyuk-ree: self-quarantine) themselves at home as most Koreans did. Some people started 사재기 (sah-jae-gi: panic…

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The Chronicles of Coronavirus in Korea Posted by on Mar 5, 2020

January 2020 I was planning to fly back to Korea in March to see my family and friends. I was excited about this trip because it has been a while since I visited Korea. I have been missing authentic Korean food. I had a list of Korean food I wanted to try.  Most of all…

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The Year of the Rat Posted by on Jan 28, 2020

Koreans have two New Year’s Days, but they only celebrate one. One is called 신정 (shin-jeong: New Year’s Day) and the other is 설날 (Seollal: Korean New Year’s Day), which is same as 구정 (goo-jeong: Lunar New Year’s Day). 설날 falls on a different date each year since it is based on the lunar calendar…

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How to Make JapChae Posted by on Dec 10, 2019

Although I may not be an excellent cook yet, there are a couple Korean dishes I can surprise my 시댁 식구들 (si-daek-sik-goo-dle : family in laws) on holidays. 잡채 (Jap-Chae: a Korean noodle dish) is one of dishes I made my in laws absolutely happy with for one Christmas dinner. Instead of having a traditional…

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How to Make Korean Soybean Sprout Bulgogi Posted by on Oct 9, 2019

One day, I told my friend how much I miss Korean 집밥 (jib-bob: homemade food). She said that she often soothes her stomach with 콩불 (kong-bool: a Korean dish. It is short for 콩나물 불고기: kong-nah-mul -bul-go-gi: soybean sprout Bulgogi). She couldn’t stop talking about how satisfying this dish can be whenever she craves Korean…

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Korean Summer Delicacies I Miss the Most (part 2) Posted by on Aug 27, 2019

As I promised you from part 1, I am going to share two more Korean 여름 (yeu-rum: summer)  별미 (byul-mee) with a 재미있는 (jae-mee-it-nun: funny) story. Although I need to give you a small lesson about 이열치열 (ee-yul-chi-yul: fight fire with fire or like cures like. ) before I introduce you the first delicacy. 이열치열…

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