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South Korea Highlights Posted by on May 27, 2015

It’s been a lot of fun posting travel articles and videos to the Korean blog over the past few months, but until I make it back to the land of kimchi and soju, I’m afraid I’m fresh out of new content. While many travelers to this side of the world tend to pass over South…

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Korean Food Myth: Do They Eat Dogs? Posted by on Mar 4, 2015

Walk past any food stand selling an unidentifiable mea and the joke is its probably dog.  In Korea, it isn’t.  Westernized views of minorities are filled with this perception: Koreans eat dogs and the Chinese eat dogs and cats (and snakes and monkey brains).  Although the consumption of dog (among others things) does exist, the practice is…

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Host a Korean Cooking Party: Bulgogi Posted by on Jul 9, 2012

Many of you are Korean language and culture enthusiasts, immersing yourself in all things Korean. I would love to hear about your adventures in learning.   One of my favorite aspects of learning a new language and culture is discovering its cuisine. Food brings people together; often a meal can bridge different cultures and inspire…

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Japchae Recipe Posted by on Mar 12, 2012

My roommate asked me for a vegan gluten free Korean recipe. I said to her quite enthusiastically, “That’s easy! Traditional Korean food doesn’t  include dairy or gluten. You can easily avoid meat and eggs too.” She was excited! . . . And then we hosted a Korean cooking party with a medley of friends, in…

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Sengil Chukhaheyo (생일 축하해요) Posted by on Feb 7, 2009

Guess whose birthday it is today?  Give up?  It’s mine’s!  Today I turn one year older!  Want to know how old I am?  That…that’s personal, lol!  The Koreans calculate their age by two methods.  The first method is with the Gregorian calendar and is called yang lyok (양력). The second method is with the lunar calendar and…

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