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Second Declension er/ir Plural Nouns Posted by on May 14, 2009

N : ī G : ōrum D : īs Acc : ōs Abl : īs The declension of the Latin word for man : N : virī G : virōrum D : virīs Acc : virōs Abl : virīs The second declensions for the Latin word for field: N : vesperī G : vesperōrum D…

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Second Declension Singular Nouns with the er/ir Endings Posted by on May 10, 2009

This group can be divided into 2 groups; one group keeps the “e” when declined, and one does not. Words in this category are (ager) field and (magister) teacher. The er/ir endings for the singular form are as follows: N : -er/ir G : -ī D : -ō Acc : -um Abl : –ō These…

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Second Declension Nouns Ending in -ius Posted by on May 6, 2009

There are some second declension nouns that end in -ius. (fīlius) son and (socius) ally are nouns that fall in this category. I threw in the vocative and locative for good measure. This is the singular ending for the Latin word for sword N : gladius G : gladi D : gladio Ac : gladium…

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Second Declension Nouns Plural Posted by on May 4, 2009

Nouns like amicus (friend) fall into the second declension noun category. There are also nouns that end in icus that have to do with professions: medicinus (doctor) and mathematicus (mathematician) are both examples. Now, the plural endings for second declension nouns N : ī G : ōrum D : īs Acc : ōs Ab :…

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Second Declension Nouns Singular Posted by on May 2, 2009

Time for the second declension nouns in the singular form! Before I begin, I just want to point out that masculine nouns often belong under second declension nouns. Examples of second declendion nouns are: annus (year) and deus (god). Most second declension nouns are masculine except for a few feminine nouns like pinus (pine tree) and…

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