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Third Declension Nouns in the Singular Posted by on Jun 8, 2009

Third declension nouns can get messy. There are lots of different conjugations. For today, just the nouns that add -s to the stem of the noun to form the nominative singular will be listed. These nouns will be either masculine or feminine. N : –s G : –is D : –ī Acc : –em Abl…

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Ancient Roman Festivals in June Posted by on Jun 5, 2009

The ancient Romans celebrated four major festivals in June. On June third, the ancient Romans dedicated this day to the goddess Bellona. Bellona derives from the Latin word for war, which is bellum (war). Bellona is the goddess of war. She is the original deity of war, before Mars became the god of war. Somewhere…

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The Twelve Tables Part 2 Posted by on Jun 2, 2009

This is a continuation of the last post. Table VII : Has to do with real estate. “Si aqua pluvia nocet…iubetur ex arbitrio coerceri.” If something from someone else’s property damages your property, that person will be forced to fix the damage. VIII : Has to do with torts or laws that remedy for injuries…

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