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Music of Ancient Rome Posted by on Dec 9, 2009

There seems to be an assumption that the ancient Romans didn’t like music, and that’s not true. We have very few records left of ancient Roman music, but it isn’t because the Romans didn’t enjoy music. Rather, the early Christians burned some ancient Roman texts on music, thinking the music was pagan music. In terms of…

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Fourth Conjugation Part 4 Posted by on Dec 6, 2009

The verbs in this post will be fourth conjugation verbs that have suffic ī and vowel lengthening in the perfect tense: The present active indicative for venīre = to come, to arrive veniō venīs venit venīmus venītis veniunt In the present passive indicative venior venīris venītur venīmur venīminī veniuntur �

Fourth Conjugation Part 3 Posted by on Dec 3, 2009

This section has to do with verbs that are fourth conjugation nouns that have the suffix sī or xī in the perfect tense. In the active indicative present for the verb sentīre = to feel, perceive sentiō sentīs sentit sentīmus sentītis sentiunt In the present passive indicative: sentior sentīris sentītur sentīmur sentīminī sentiuntur    …

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