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Latin Epigraphy III: abbreviations Posted by on Jan 14, 2012

PRAENOMINA: some of the most common names A. Aulus L. Lucius SEX. Sextus AP. Appius M. Marcus S. (SP.) Spurius C. Caius (Gaius) P. Publius T. Titus CN. Cnaeus (Gnaeus) Q. Quintus TI. Tiberius D. Decimus SER. Servius   FILIATION: it is usually written between nomen and cognomen F. Filius, -a LIB. Libertus, -a CON…

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Latin Epigraphy II Posted by on Jan 11, 2012

TYPES OF INSCRIPTIONS Honorary: in statues or monuments devoted to an important figure. Name of the figure (in dative, also in nominative or otherwise), name of the dedicator (nominative), dedication reasons and possible additional sentences. Funerary: in the tombs or other monuments erected in memory of a deceased. The formulas varied over time and places, but the…

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Latin Epigraphy I Posted by on Jan 8, 2012

Epigraphy is the science of the inscriptions. Latin epigraphy works on reading and desciphering the Latin inscriptions. It also helps to interpret the writings and to infer data  that can be applied in many fields. Epigraphic texts are authentic and original compared to other writings that are copies (of copies). There are inscriptions of various types…

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