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lei av kulden! Posted by on Jan 6, 2010

Sick of the cold!  That’s how I feel-Jeg er lei av kulden!  January in Minnesota always brings sub-zero temperatures and this year was no exception.  It has been below zero for en uke (one week) now.  One morning I woke up and termometeret (the thermometer) read -27 (and that’s Fahrenheit).  Når det er så kaldt…

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nyttår lingo på norsk Posted by on Jan 3, 2010

New Year’s lingo in Norwegian.  I did a little bit of research about the most popular new year’s resolutions throughout the world.  Every culture, when ringing in et nytt år, is full of people who want to better their lives in some way or another.  Since ancient times, humans have associated et nytt år with a fresh…

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