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Valentinsdag Posted by on Feb 7, 2010

Although Vanlentinsdag is not widely recognized in Norway as an important Hallmark holiday as it is here in the United States, there is certainly nothing wrong with planning a fun day with your lover or exchanging gaver, norsk eller ikke (Norwegian or not).  I have always thought that Valentinsdag was a pretty ridiculous helligdag (holiday)…

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Flink med båter Posted by on Feb 5, 2010

Clever with boats.  Before Columbus’ time, Norwegians bygde og seilte (built and sailed) the fastest, most maneuverable boats of the Viking and Early Middle Ages.  It is no surprise, really, when one considers the sparce arable land and great åpent hav (open sea) that the Norwegians would become sophisticated seafarers-they simply had to make do with the…

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norske skikker Posted by on Feb 3, 2010

Norwegian customs.  You may wonder if nordmenn have specific skikker with regards to å møte og hilse folk (meeting and greeting people), å gi gaver (to give gifts), og å spise (and to eat).  Når man treffer noen (When one meets someone), it is customary å stå (stand), håndhilse (shake hands) og presentere seg selv (present one’s…

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