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Sweet Brother Jokes Posted by on Apr 30, 2015

– Vet du hvorfor svenskene står opp når de skal sove? (Do you know why Swedes are standing when they’re going to sleep?) – Nei! (No!) – De regner med å falle i søvn! (They think they’ll be falling asleep!) Svenskevitser (Swede-jokes) like that are quite popular in Norway. In fact, nordmenn (Norwegians) love joking…

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Being Polite in Norwegian Posted by on Apr 26, 2015

Last summer an avis (newspaper) article about Norwegians being uhøflig (impolite) shocked me into writing … this blog post one year later! 🙂 I’ve thrown away the paper, but it still bugs me that anyone could come up with such tull (nonsense, bullsh*t). Most Norwegians I’ve met are very kind and høflig (polite)! True, Norwegian…

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