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More and Most Norwegian Posted by on Feb 28, 2016

I just can’t believe the gradbøying (”comparison inflection”) of adjectives has not been a post yet… As you can probably remember, Norwegian adjectives take various endings: -e when it’s describing a definite noun (these often come with ”the” in English): den glade jenta (the happy girl), den fine tegningen (the nice drawing), Guttorms lange arbeidsdag…

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7 Facts about Trolls Posted by on Feb 25, 2016

Turister (tourists) never seem to tire of troll (trolls), so I hope you won’t mind yet another look at Norge’s most popular inhabitants. 🙂 As I recently had the fun task of doing some troll research, I thought I’d share a few fakta (facts) with you: 1. The first troll in history was Norwegian and…

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