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Fjords and Mountains ahoy! Posted by on Jan 31, 2018

Ut på tur, aldri sur! (Out on a trip, never sulky!) Yes, Norway is sometimes a very wet and cold place. Still, most Norwegians and tourists agree the country has something very special – fjord og fjell (fjord and mountains). When the Vikings were making poetry, they loved to pair words starting with the same…

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Talking about food Posted by on Jan 28, 2018

Mmm, kjempegodt! 🙂 People everywhere in the world like to eat mat (food) and talk about it, and Norwegians are no exception! Eating together with natives can be a great opportunity to hone your language skills, so let’s take a look at some useful things to say (when you’re not chewing…) Food ideologies Spiser du…

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