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The Fløyen funicular in Bergen. (Photo by Roger W at Flickr, CC License.)

The Fløyen funicular in Bergen. (Photo by Roger W at Flickr, CC License.)

How much do you know about Norwegian culture? Here’s a quick quiz to speed up your brain…

1. There’s a risk you’ll bump into an isbjørn (polar bear)
Æ. All over Norway (except Oslo).
Ø. In Svalbard.
Å. In Troms.

2. North of polarsirkelen (the Polar Circle)
Æ. winters are completely dark
Ø. you have to drink alcohol to survive the bright winters
Å. you can see nordlys (northern lights) 24-7

3. A bit like Chinese, Norwegian words are spoken with … different melodies
Æ. 2
Ø. 3
Å. 4

4. The first man to set foot on the South Pole was a Norwegian called
Æ. Robert Scott
Ø. Fridtjof Nansen
Å. Roald Amundsen

5. With hits like ”The Fox”, this Norwegian duo became a YouTube sensation in 2014
Æ. The Bytles
Ø. Ylvis
Å. Mychael Jåckson

6. Galdhøpiggen, Norway’s highest mountain, measures
Æ. 3469 m
Ø. 3069 m
Å. 2469 m

7. If someone in Western Norway asks if you’d like to try some smalahove, you’ll be served
Æ. a ram’s testicles
Ø. a goat’s eyes
Å. a sheep’s head

8. If someone in Trøndelag asks if you’d like to try a karsk, you’ll be served
Æ. tea mixed with gin
Ø. coffee mixed with brandy
Å. milk mixed with vodka

9. The widely varied national costume that many Norwegians are sporting during the constitutional celebrations of 17. mai is called a
Æ. bunad
Ø. dugnad
Å. kofte

10. Finish this famous phrase by Solan, the bird character of the Norwegian 1975 animation hit movie Flåklypa Grand Prix (The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix): Dra meg baklengs inn i… (”Pull me backwards into the…”)
Æ. furuskogen (the pine forest)
Ø. Oslo S (Oslo Central Station)
Å. fuglekassa (the nest box)

11. King Harald’s daughter Princess Märtha Louise is famous for her belief in
Æ. ghosts
Ø. angels
Å. trolls

12. The following browser was originally made by Norwegians
Æ. Explorer
Ø. Opera
Å. Safari

13. This town is known as skisportens vugge (the craddle of skiing)
Æ. Morgedal
Ø. Lillehammer
Å. Brumundal

14. In this lake you can see a sjøorm (sea monster)
Æ. Seljordsvatnet
Ø. Mjøsa
Å. Femunden

15. Finish this famous phrase by former Norwegian PM Gro Harlem Brundtland: Det er typisk norsk å være (It’s typically Norwegian to be)
Æ. fri (free)
Ø. sexy
Å. god (good)


The answers are…

1ø 2æ 3æ 4å 5ø 6å 7å 8ø 9æ 10å 11ø 12ø 13æ 14æ 15å

So, how many did you get right? 🙂

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