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Hvordan er været? Posted by on Mar 15, 2009 in Nature

Hvordan er været, hvordan er været, hvordan er været i dag? 

Hvordan er været, hvordan er været, hvordan er været i dag? 

Ja det regner ute, regner ute, ja det regner i dag.

This is a song that I taught to little kids at the Norwegian pre-school I used to work at.  It is a very simple song and a great way to teach a Norwegian phrase about the weather. 

How is the weather, how is the weather, how is the weather today?

How is the weather, how is the weather, how is the weather today?

Yes it’s raining outside, raining outside, yes it’s raining to day.

Of course, we had these great, colorful, weather puppets that we could play around with…

Hvordan er været i dag?

The weather where I am has taken a fairly substantial step towards spring.  It got up to 60 degrees, up from -2 degrees on Wednesday.  Pretty significant temperature increase.  Jeg er lei av snø.  I am sick of snow.  

Usually the weather is a topic you want to master as best you can when learning a new language.  The following phrases are phrases I think are important to know if you want to engage in conversational norsk:

Hvordan er været?  How is the weather.

Det ………. It…followed by the following such verbs i.e. regner (rains), snør (snows), blåser (blows), fryser (freezes) stormer (storms), er (is).  Norwegian does not use verbs in the present tense in the same way that English does.  In English one can say ‘It rains,’ but ‘It’s raining’ is much more common in everyday language.  Only recently did some Norwegians begin to Americanize the language a bit and use ‘ing’ at the end of a verb to express an action or condition in the present. 

Sola skinner.  The sun shines.

Det er ______ replaced by an adjective such as ….. kaldt, varmt, iskaldt (cold, warm, ice cold).

Temperaturen er _______ (The temperature is….)

Det er ______ grader (It is_____degrees).

Luften er _____ (The air is…tørr or våt or fuktig-dry, wet, or damp).

torden (thunder) lyn (lightning) regn (rain), snø (snow), sol (sun), vind (wind).

Hvordan er været where you are right now?




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