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Norwegian Icebreakers Posted by on Apr 29, 2018 in Conversation

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Ever been to a social gathering where nobody said a word? 🙂 If you travel around Norway, you’ll certainly meet people who are less talkative than the stereotypical American, for example. (A Norwegian friend told me about countryside family dinners where noone spoke – they were busy eating!) Sometimes, breaking the ice may be just as tough as breaking the language barrier. Here are some phrases to help you through:

Veldig god mat, ikke sant? (Very tasty food, right?)

Hvordan har dagen din vært? (How has your day been?)

Hva er yndlingsboka/-filmen/-serien din? (What’s your favourite book/movie/tv series?)

Hvem likte du best i SKAM? (Who did you like the most in SKAM [tv series]?)

Hva slags musikk hører du på? (What kind of music do you listen to?)

Hva var den siste filmen du så på kino? (What was the last film you saw at the cinema?)

Hva er det morsomste du har opplevd? (What’s the most fun thing you’ve experienced?)

Hvilke tre ting ville du tatt med deg til en øde øy? (Which three things would you bring with you to a desolate island?)

Er du et A-menneske eller et B-menneske? (Are you an A-person or a B-person?)

Tror du på astrologi? (Do you believe in astrology?)

Hvilken superevne ville du hatt? (Which superpower would you like to have?)

Hva ville du gjort dersom du vant ti millioner i lotto? (What would you do if you won ten millions in the lottery?)

Har du noen gang sett et spøkelse? (Have you ever seen a ghost?)

Hva irriterer deg mest? (What irritates you the most?)

Hvilken kjendis, død eller levende, ville du helst spist middag med? (Which famous person, dead or alive, would you prefer to eat dinner with?)

Hvis du kunne reist i tida, hvor ville du da reist? (if you could travel in time, where would you travel?)

Hvilke språk drømmer du om å lære? (Which languages do you dream about learning?)

Har du noen planer for sommerferien? (Have you got any plans for the summer holiday?)

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