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Norwegian Numbers 1-1.000.000 Posted by on Apr 6, 2010 in Language

So the second to the last post focused on Norwegian grunntall (cardinal numbers) 1-100.  I feel that it is important to teach you the ordenstall (orddinal numbers) as well.  Think about how often you say ‘first’ or ‘thirteenth.’  We use ordenstall all the time.  Without further ado, I present to you Norwegian ordenstall 1-1.000.000:

Grunntall (Cardinal numbers) Ordenstall (Ordinal numbers)
1 Først(e)
2 Annen, anna, annet, andre
3 Tredje
4 Fjerde
5 Femte
6 Sjette
7 Sjuende
8 Åttende
9 Niende
10 Tiende
11 Ellevte
12 Tolvte
13 Trettende
14 Fjortende
15 Femtende
16 Sekstende
17 Syttende
18 Attende
19 Nittende
20 Tjuende
21 Tjueførst(e)
30 Trettiende
40 Førtiende
50 Femtiende
60 Sekstiende
70 Syttiende
80 Åttiende
90 Nittiende
100 Hundrede
150 Hundreogfemtiende
200 To hundrede
1.000 Tusende
100.000 Millionte
100.000.000 Millardte

Notice after the # 6, a pattern develops that holds true for most of the rest of the numbers.  This pattern is the suffix ‘ende,’ much like the ‘th’ suffix in English ordinal numbers (sixth, seventh, eleventh…).

Like the grunntall (cardinal numbers), compound numbers such as 21st, 22nd, 34th, etc. are made by taking the cardinal form of 20 or 30 or 40 and simply adding the additional number in the ordinal form (i.e. 25th would be tjuefemte).

When you get to 100th and further up, it’s memorization, baby!

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