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I returned back home to Minnesota a couple of nights ago from Georgia and Tennessee to discover that høst (fall) is in full swing.  Temps were in the 70s and 80s about 10 days ago and the highs the last few days was in the 40s-a classic MN massive drop in temperature.  I´ve been trying to kick a forkjølelse (cold) for a couple of weeks now and this cold air certainly isn´t helping.  Norway or Minnesota, høst is time for suppe!

There are so many delicious supper enjoyed throughout Norway, most of which have been around for a long, long time.  There are hearty supper with biff and poteter or more chowdery supper with krem and fisk, vegetarisk supper, as well as clear brothy supper and smooth creamy supper!  What is your favorite type of suppe?  I love them all.

I have found some really great oppskrifter (recipes) online that I´d like to share with you, both for supper that I have never tasted and supper that I have had the pleasure to enjoy:

Andreas Viestad´s Norwegian Red Onion Soup with Port and Jarlsberg, ´a lovely, slightly sweet, onion soup´

You can find the recipe here at

Another soup from Andreas Viestad Beet Soup with Goose stock


Andreas Viestad on the beet soup:

This is a high north version of the Russian beet soup borscht. The sweet and aromatic goose stock makes it slightly more sophisticated than the hearty Russian versions. The first time I made it was in Svalbard, an archipelago halfway between mainland Norway and the North Pole. Stock from wild Svalbard goose added a rich gamy quality. Stock from farm-raised goose has a milder flavor.

Goose and duck meat may be delicious, but most of the flavor lies hidden in the bones, Cooking leftover bones and meat in water with aromatic vegetables is a simple thing, yet the stock you get is rich and delicious. You can also use this recipe for turkey or chicken, making a somewhat lighter stock. The stock can be frozen for up to 2 months.—Andreas Viestad

You can find the recipe here.

Watch Andreas Viestad made vegetarisk suppe!

Other popular Norwegian supper include cabbage suppe, fiskesuppe (fish chowder), purresuppe (leek soup), mussel suppe, mutton stew, hearty hunter´s stew with some of the finest ingredients ever: Ingredients
8- 10 Potatoes, peeled
2 Parsnips, peeled
2 Carrots, peeled
3 Yellow Onions, peeled
3 Cloves of Garlic
1/3 pound of Mushrooms, Shiitake or other
10-12 slices of Beef or Venison
1 ¼ cup Dark Beer
1 Cup of beef stock or  cube beef stock
9 Juniper Berries
Butter and Oil

There are so many delicious norske supper to enjoy.  I suggest purchasing a kokebok of Andreas Viestad´s or just browsing online for deliciously sounding oppskrifter to try:)

And finally, for some classic norsk humor, click to see a really funny clip (på norsk) on supperåd (soup advice).

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  1. Heidi:

    Krem is whipped cream. Cream is translated “fløte”.