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illnesses, sickness, or disease.  After just returning from a funeral for a 35 year old woman who died of kreft (cancer), I thought it would be appropriate to teach you all some terms about sykdommer, since we all have been syk before and chances are, we all know someone with a dødelig (lethal, deadly) sykdom.

Let’s learn vocabulary about sykdommer.

å være syk-to be sick                                                                å føle ikke bra-to not feel well

en feber-a fever                                                                       en forkjølelse-a cold

kreft-cancer                                                                              influensa-influenza\flu

sukkersyke-diabetes                                                                sukkersykepasient\diabetiker-diabetic

halsbetennelse-tonisllitis                                                          ta mandlene-have one’s tonsils taken out

sykemeldt-off sick                                                                      et sykehus-a hospital

syketrygd-health insurance                                                        symptom-symptom

en helbredelse-a cure                                                               å dø-to die

å dra til legen-to go to the doctor                                             medisin-medicine

en hjertelidelse-heart condition                                               depresjon-depression

deprimert-depressed                                                                 lammelse-paralysis

behandling-treatment                                                                allergi-allergy\allergisk mot-allergic to

astma-asthma                                                                              hodepine-headache

smittsom\smittende-infectious                                                 virus-virus

Når man er syk, føler man seg ikke bra (When one is sick, one does not feel good)

Enten man føler seg fysisk eller mentalsk dårlig (Either one feels physically or mentally sick).

Det er vanlig sykdommer som ikke er veldig seriøse og det er veldig seriøse sykdommer som ikke kan helbredes (There are common illnesses that are not very serious and there are very serious illnesses that cannot be cured).

Tror dere at vi skal en dag ha helbredelser for alle sykdommer?  Do you think that one day we will have cures for all diseases?


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