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Northern Norwegian Posted by on Sep 28, 2010

Although I learned bokmål in college and lived in Oslo for 8 months, I came out of it all speaking nordnorsk (northern Norwegian) and I constantly have to explain why.  My best friend from college is half norsk, half amerikansk-norsk far og amerikansk mor. His father comes from a small bygd (a country settlement, smaller…

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Norwegian Dialects Posted by on Apr 13, 2010

The question: ”Snakker du norsk?”  (”Do you speak Norwegian?”) should almost always be followed by another question: ”Hvilken dialekt?” (”Which dialect?”).  There are 2 official written Norwegian languages, bokmål (literally book language) and nynorsk (literally new Norwegian).  Although Norwegian dialects are commonly organized in 5 main groups: nordnorsk (northern Norwegian), trøndersk (Trøndelag Norwegian), innlandsmål (Midland Norwegian)…

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