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Staying Curious in Times of Need Posted by on Mar 18, 2020

Dette er en veldig vanskelig tid for mange mennesker. (This is a very hard time for many people.) Men livet må fortsette! (But life must go on!) Kanskje du kan bruke noe av ventetida på å lære norsk? (Maybe you can spend some of the waiting time on learning Norwegian?) Here are some useful expressions…

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Most Norwegian Words Posted by on May 31, 2018

Which words are the ”most Norwegian”? Of course, such a spørsmål (question) is very hard to answer… Besides, there are so many words to pick! Here are my (current) candidates for the prize – do you (dis)agree? fjord [fyor] (fjord). The beautiful fjords only exist in a few countries (Norway, NZ, Chile and a few…

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A Radiator for Norway Posted by on Nov 30, 2012

For many Norwegians, it is viktig å hjelpe andre [VEEktee aw YELpeh ANN-dreh] (important to help others). Norway is one of the world’s richest countries, and a lot of people feel they should share a bit of this rikdom (wealth) with fattige land (poor countries). Organizations like Røde kors (Red Cross), Redd barna (Save the Children) and Kirkens nødhjelp (The Church’s Humanitarian Aid) do an awful lot…

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