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5 most bizarre Norwegian dishes Posted by on Aug 31, 2014

An exotic country, Norway has got its share of rare dishes. Native Norwegians may not agree with me, but I think the most bizarre Norwegian dishes are the following: 5. Lefser with brunost. A lefse is a Norwegian tortilla, only with hvetemel and potet (potato) instead of maize (corn). Wrap it around some brunost (Norwegian…

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Norwegian Dairy Posted by on Nov 11, 2010

Norwegian meieri (dairy) is amazing.  The ost (cheese), yogurt, melk (milk), egg–the whole bit-utrolig godt (unbelieveably good)!!  Tine, one of the 12 agricultural cooperatives in Norway, nearly has a monopoly over the meieri industry.  The majority of meieri produkter you find in Norwegian matbutikker (grocery stores) are made by Tine.  Tine has a number…

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