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Surviving the Sunless Season Posted by on Nov 30, 2021

North of the Arctic Circle, there’s no sunrise in the winter sky. But do Northern Norwegians really live in total darkness? I asked Bjørn Farbu – a doctor until recently residing in Harstad – about life in mørketida (the dark season). What brought you to Nord-Norge (Northern Norway)? My girlfriend is from Tromsø. We met…

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Døgnvillfestival Posted by on Sep 6, 2010

Wow.  I am so glad I purchased a ticket for one night of Døgnvillfestival in Tromsø last night.  Well worth the 669 NOK spent to hear Band of Horses and Prodigy, not to mention just oppleve (experience) Norway´s 3rd largest music festival.  What a production!  I think the music actually started mid-afternoon, but we stumbled…

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Tromsø Posted by on Jul 2, 2010

Tromsø, a city lying over 200 north of polarsirkelen (the Arctic Circle) is the largest city and urban area in northern Norway. Even though it lies at a very high latitude, Tromsø is considerably warmer than other places at the same latitude.  This is due to the presence of the Gulf Stream.  The city of Tromsø…

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