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Useful Norwegian phrases Posted by on Mar 5, 2011 in Language

I think it´s time for a random post with phrases to learn that will help you out in conversation and also assist you in better understanding Norwegian news if you challenge yourself to read aviser.  I just looked through a couple of them and picked out phrases that I think are very useful to know.  Although some of them are not literal translations, they are our American equivalent.

1.  på den ene siden-on the one hand.  

På den ene siden, har du jo en helt ny type arbeid.  On the one hand, you have a completely new type of work.

2. vant til å-used to

De er vant til å drive produksjonen.  They are used to driving production.

3.  i større grad-to a greater degree

Kvinner gjør dette arbeid i større grad fordi mennene gjør noe annet.  Women do this work to a greater degree because the men are doing something else.

4.  på den måten-in that way.

På den måten vil det hjelpe.  In that way it will help.

5.  komme i drift-come into operation

Disse maskinene skal ikke komme i drift før flere år. These machines will not come into operation for several years.

6. i ferd med å-about to

Nå er laks i ferd med å være mer populær i sushi enn tunfisk.  Salmon is now about to be more popular in sushi than tunafish.

7.  i løpet av-in the course of

I løpet av de siste fire år har servering av fisken økt.  In the course of the last four years, the serving of the fish has increased.

8.  først og fremst-first and foremost

Dette skyldes først og fremst at myntene har ev levetid på 30 år. This is because first and foremost coins have a life of 30 years.

9.  med hensyn til-with regard to

Med hensyn til hennes mening, ville han fortelle noe som kunne endre den.  With regard to her opinion, he wanted to tell her something that could change it.

10.  aldri i verden-never in the world

Aldri i verden tenkte vi at så mange skulle se på videoen.  Never in the world did we think that so many would watch the video.

Some of these phrases will not be used in your daily life, but will certainly be useful for reading aviser and picking more up in conversations:)

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  1. Veronica Mancinelli:

    Thank you so much for all your posts! I’m trying to learn the language, I love the country, the culture and everything related to Norway! Please keep on posting! 🙂 lml