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Nouns in Pashto are used to denote a place (زے), person (کس), thing (شے), quality (معىار), or action (کار). The noun may end in four different forms depending on the unique aspect of the sentence. The noun’s ending depends on whether it is singular or plural. For example if we say “there is only one person sitting in the class” ” په کلاس کښےىوکس ناست دے” compared to if we say “there are three people sitting in the class” “په کلاس کښےدرےکسان ناست دى” Notice that the noun “کس” which is singular has been replaced by “کسان” which is plural.

The spelling of a noun also depends on gender. For example “The doctor has reached the hospital “أورسىدو ته ر روغنتون ډاکټرصاحب” However if it is female doctor then the shape and structure of the sentence will be changed to “أورسىده ته ر روغنتون ډاکټرصاحبه ” Notice that the noun “ډاکټرصاحب” which is masculine has been replaced by “ډاکټرصاحبه” which is feminine. Additionally the structure of the sentence has been changed to accommodate the masculine the “أورسىدو” to the feminine structure “أورسىده”. This is due to the fact that nouns in Pashto are grouped into different classes as masculine or feminine, and accordingly the ending of the sentence changes.

The following table contains some nouns:

English Singular Plural Masculine Feminine
Pashtoon پښتون پوښتأنه پوښتن پښتنه
Student شأګرد شأګردأن شأګرد شأګرده
Poet شأعر شأعرأن شأعر شأعره
Shopkeeper دوکأندأر دوکأندأرأن دوکأندأر دوکأندأره
Player لوبغأړے لوبغأړى لوبغأړے لوبغأړي
Mr/Miss صأحب صأحبأن صأحب صأحبه
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