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See You! – Do zobaczenia! Posted by on Apr 30, 2010

Most of you are probably aware of the fact that I haven’t been as visible on the blog lately as I used to in the past. Fortunately, Adam, our resident guest blogger filled the gap very nicely, and for that I would like to offer him my heartfelt “thank you”. You see, my personal and…

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Polish Participles – imiesłowy continued Posted by on Apr 28, 2010

As promised, today we will take a more in-depth look at the mystical imiesłowy. Joy oh joy, I know. To do this we need to pick a nice, easy verb. How about “pisać”? And how about “napisać”? Both mean “to write”, but pisać is imperfective, and napisać is perfective. Ready? Ok, here we go. piszący…

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Advanced Grammar – Participles – imiesłowy Posted by on Apr 25, 2010

Today Adam and Anna jointly attempt to tackle Polish participles. Hang on, it will be a crazy ride! This blog has, for some time, concentrated on cultural issues. Therefore I thought it would be a good idea to focus on grammar for a change. Today we will look into the mystical entity called imiesłów –…

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Poczta Polska – Going Postal Posted by on Apr 22, 2010

Yes, today Anna’s going postal. In more ways than one. I am pretty sure there is an entire level of hell reserved for Poczta Polska (Polish Post). A very special level of hell, no doubt. And even then, I can imagine the devils in charge “going postal” when they’re told who its for. Yes, it’s…

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Polish folk traditions – death before the ages Posted by on Apr 18, 2010

Today, Adam, our resident guest blogger continues the somber mood of national mourning by shedding light on some ancient Polish customs, traditions and superstitions about death. Or Death. Poland is a country over 1000 years old. In the days where there was no knowledge and no scientific method, the world was explained in myths and…

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Polish Death and Burial Customs Posted by on Apr 15, 2010

In today’s post, Adam gives us a very detailed look at the customs and traditions of this most difficult time in the lives of those who lost a loved one. Death is unfortunately an unavoidable, if a rather displeasing event. It affects every human being around the world, in every place and every culture. And…

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Poland Mourns Its President and Senior Officials Posted by on Apr 11, 2010

By Adam and Anna: Polish President Lech Kaczyński, his wife Maria and dozens of senior politicians died in a plane crash (katastrofa lotnicza) on April 10, 2010. President Lech Kaczyński was born in 1949 in Warsaw to an affluent and deeply patriotic family. His father was an engineer and former soldier of the Home Army…

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