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Back to school – school vocabulary in Polish Posted by on Aug 16, 2018

My kids still have a little time left before going back to school, but a lot of students in US already started school! First day of school is always such an important day for both parents and students! Meeting new teachers, meeting new friends, reconnecting with teachers you know and friends you missed! Here is…

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The influential Polish woman who changed history! Posted by on Aug 9, 2018

As a woman and a mother of two very strong willed daughters, I care about women and the role they play in today’s world a lot, as you can just imagine! Some made music, some climbed mountains, some loved science. Women who overcame hardship, broke records and blazed trails – shattering glass ceilings and even…

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Crime phrases in Polish Posted by on Aug 7, 2018

Hopefully you will never have to use these phrases…However, crime happens and sometimes it’s good to know how to describe specific situations in other language… kidnapping – porwanie kidnapper – porywacz murder – morderstwo murderer – morderca robbery – napad robber – napastnik  burglary – włamanie burglar – włamywacz shoplifting – kradzież shoplifter- złodziej mugging – napad mugger – napastnik forgery – fałszerstwo forger – fałszerz forge – fałszować vandalism…

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Natural environment and pollution – how to describe it in Polish Posted by on Jul 31, 2018

Pollution can take many forms: the air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil we use to grow our food, the lit-up skies and even the increasing noise we hear every day can all contribute to health problems and a lower quality of life with major disruptions and effects on wildlife and ecosystems. Of…

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Historic first ski descent of K2 by a Polish daredevil, Andrzej Bargiel! Posted by on Jul 28, 2018

On July 22nd, Polish ski – mountaineer, Andrzej Bargiel, made history, by completing the first ever ski descent of Karakorum giant known as K2! Congratulations! Just 200m shorter than Mt Everest, and a lot more dangerous, it’s considered by far most technical and deadliest peak in the world. It was one of the few well-known peaks…

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