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Horse racing history in Poland Posted by on May 6, 2019

Since Kentucky Derby just happened and my daughters absolutely love horses, I decided to get you a little bit more familiar with horse racing (wyścigi konne) in Poland. Our ancestors raced since they got on the horse, but probably not for sport, but rather hunting or in the heat of battle, when the rider’s life…

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Does alcohol really improve your foreign language skills? Posted by on Apr 30, 2019

Learning a foreign language can make you smarter, build multitasking and decision-making skills, ward off Alzheimer’s, improve memory, and much more. It is easier to travel and meet new people in other country if you can have a conversation in their native language, right? Lots of people say they speak a foreign language (obcy język)…

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What is so amazing about Krzyżtopór Castle in Poland? Posted by on Apr 24, 2019

It is definitely one of the hardest polish words to spell: Krzyżtopór! But don’t let this discourage you! From afar, it looks truly monumental. The kind of castle in which you expect to find a dragon in the cellar! A magical point on the map of Poland, that it lacks the publicity of Malbork or Wawel…

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Good Friday traditions in Poland Posted by on Apr 19, 2019

Easter is almost here! In Poland the last week of Lent, Holy Week, is known as Wielki Post or Wielki Tydzień. During this week Polish families prepare their homes for Easter. Traditionally there is spring cleaning, shopping, baking and cooking for the Easter feast. Many churches in Poland observe Good Friday (Wielki Piątek), which is the Friday…

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Why are Polish teachers on strike? Posted by on Apr 9, 2019

Teachers (nauczyciele) in Poland went on an indefinite nationwide strike over pay Monday after the government failed to meet union demands during days of negotiations. The strike (strajk) by teachers of kindergarten all the way up through the final year of high school is the first such widespread work stoppage in Poland’s classrooms since a…

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Quotes to help brighten up your day in Polish! Posted by on Mar 31, 2019

Things in life happen unexpectedly, we constantly face ups and downs. When life gets a little difficult or hard to bear, it’s comforting to know that there are still ways that can brighten up our day. Reading a positive quote (pozytywny cytat) is one of these methods. When you start your day with positive thoughts…

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Story about bear named Wojtek to be featured in an animated movie Posted by on Mar 25, 2019

The first time I’ve heard about bear Wojtek was from my grandfather who fought in both World War I and World War II. My grandfather had asthma and with his health problems for the last few years of his life he lived with us. Every day after school he was waiting for me with a…

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