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Accidents and injuries can occur anywhere: at home, at work, while driving or while participating in sports events. They are not wished for but they do happen. It is important to be prepared for such medical emergencies! Keeping a first-aid kit handy can help you respond effectively to common injuries and emergencies.

What is usually included in the First Aid kit (Zestaw Pierwszej Pomocy)? It all depend on the size of it, but there are definitely some important parts of it that should make the checklist..So what is on it? I’m sure you will know by looking at all of the items what is what, but knowing their Polish names might be helpful as well:)

First Aid Kit. Image by stevepb on Pixabay


  • Adhesive Bandages – bandaże samoprzylepne
    Help protect minor wounds from dirt and germs, and promotes faster healing because the wound is covered  – pomagają chronić drobne rany przed brudem I zarazkami oraz przyśpieszają gojenie
  • Antiseptic Wash – antyseptyczny płyn
    Alleviates pain and itch while washing away dirt and germs (łagodzi ból i swędzenie, zmywając ból i zarazki)
  • Instant Cold Compress –  błyskawiczny zimny kompres chłodzący
    For helping to reduce pain and swelling.
  • Scissors to cut gauze or tape – nożyczki
  • Thermometer – termometr
  • Tweezers – pinceta
    For splinter, glass or insect stinger removal (do usuwania drzazg, szkła lub żądła owadów)
  • Nonlatex Health Care Gloves – nielateksowe rękawice zdrowotne
    To avoid contact with bodily fluids.
  • Comprehensive First Aid Guide –  Kompleksowy Przewodnik Pierwszej Pomocy
    For information on most minor first-aid situations.
  • Antibiotic Ointment – Maść Antybiotykowa
    Provides long-lasting infection protection (zapewnia długotrwałą ochronę przed infekcjami)
  • Pain reliever –  uśmierzacz bólu
    Relieves aches and pains caused by bruises or sprains.
  • Gauze, nonstick pads and paper or cloth tape – gaza, podkładki nieprzywierające i taśma papierowa lub materiałowa

First-aid kits contain all the essential medical contents in a very compact package. You can really take a first-aid kit with you anywhere, whether you’re travelling or living/working in a small space. There’s really no excuse not to keep one on hand!

First aid kit. Image by Tomasz_Mikolajczyk on Pixabay

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