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Przeczytajcie to – It’s Imperative! Posted by on Jul 12, 2010

Well, the World Cup has officially concluded in South Africa, and the Spaniards have come through victorious. If you want moje trzy grosze (my two cents), the Spanish were very lucky with the calls the referee made in this sixty-fourth and final match of the competition. In fact, I think the Dutch really got the…

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Good-bye Baby Days Posted by on Jul 10, 2010

Polish vocabulary for a baby’s room.

Calendar of Feasts – St John’s Night ( Obchody Świętojańskie) Posted by on Jul 6, 2010

Summer is here and that’s why I decided to write about one of the very interesting holidays in Poland. In folk tradition it was a great festival for greeting in the summer, celebrated during the summer solstice on the shortest night which is the 23rd of June, and the longest day, June 24th. The…

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