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Polish Presidents Posted by on May 20, 2011

Yesterday I wrote about Polish kings and today it is turn for Polish presidents (officially Presidents of the Republic of Poland)! Institution of presidency in Poland was created after the WW I. Unfortunately the first Polish president was shot a week after being elected… Presidency institution in Poland was functioning in years: 1922-39, 1947-52 and since…

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Kings and Dukes of Poland Posted by on May 19, 2011

I recently visited Museum Of American History in Washington DC. I liked how all the presidents were listed chronologically. This gave me an idea for today’s blog. I will talk about Polish dukes and kings (king – król, kings – królowie) today and next time we will be talking about Polish presidents. Before 1320 the Polish rulers…

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Obama’s visit to Poland Posted by on May 18, 2011

US President Barack Obama will focus on energy cooperation (współpracy energetycznej), including shale gas development, when he visits NATO partner Poland for the first time next week, a US diplomat said Wednesday in Warsaw. “Energy is a pillar of Polish-American relations and it is sure to be the subject of discussions when President Obama visits…

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Zielone Świątki – Whit Sunday/Pentecost Posted by on May 17, 2011

Depending on the date of Easter, this church holiday in remembrance of the Descent of the Holy  Spirit (Zesłanie Ducha Świętego) is celebrated on the seventh Sunday and Monday after Easter, between May 10th and June 13th. It closes the Easter season. In many parts of the world, Pentecost has become a traditional day for baptisms to…

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Polish government structure Posted by on May 16, 2011

A lot of people ask me about Polish government and it’s structure. So today I decided to share some informations about it. Poland has a Bicameral Parliament that is made of two chambers that are called the Sejm and Senat. The Sejm has 460 members and the Senat has 100. The President is the Head…

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Fountain Park in Warsaw Posted by on May 13, 2011

Recently Warsaw held the opening of Europe’s biggest Multimedia Fountain Park. The magic are performances involving “light, water and sound“. Every Saturday water jets will be shooting illuminated water to a height of 25 meters and on screens of fog. I think this is beautiful and everyone will really enjoy it! The idea of the “fountain park”…

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Sleeping knights Posted by on May 12, 2011

Poland has always been a land of strong and courageous knights. Many old tales claim that the bravest of the knights never died, but have been asleep for centuries in a cavern beneath Mount Pisana. Once, in a mountain village, a stranger entered the blacksmith’s shop. He told the blacksmith (kowal) that he could earn…

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