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How to congratulate someone on academic and career achievement? Posted by on Oct 31, 2013

You have a friend who just graduated college and is looking for a job. Great!He/she is Polish – how to congratulate on those great achievements? What kind of words to use? What would be appropriate? I’m sure you will know what to say…but just in case you need a little help…here are some useful phrases…

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Flirting…in Polish? Posted by on Oct 30, 2013

So you met this beautiful girl/handsome guy in Poland (or from Poland). How do you invite him/her on a date? How is the conversation going to be during your first date? Or maybe you just saw someone at the party and you are a little shy, don’t know how to invite someone on a date…

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What are most common Polish words? Posted by on Oct 23, 2013

It is really hard to be sure what words are most common in specific language. I did quite a lot of research and based on different articles/books/websites I put together a list of 100 most common Polish words! I actually went through few of my blogs and counted how many times I used some of…

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What to watch when you are in Poland? Posted by on Oct 22, 2013

Whenever we visit my family in Poland, my husband is always looking for english channels…And I’m sure you do the same while in Poland. However, if you can’t find anything you like in English, watching Polish show/movie could be a great way to practice Polish! The broad range of national and international TV stations is…

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Your pet – your friend forever! Posted by on Oct 16, 2013

I love animals! I have never travelled with a dog/cat on a plane and I have never brought my animal to another country. So what to do when you are planning on moving to Poland and you want your pet to move with you? If you would like to import your pet from countries outside…

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Looking for a property in Poland? Posted by on Oct 15, 2013

Are you thinking about moving to Poland? Renting is great for a short period, but if you are looking to buy a place in this beautiful country, here are few tips on how to do it:) You can only buy a home in a completely straightforward way if you have Polish nationality. But since Poland…

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What to do on those chilly fall mornings…? Posted by on Oct 10, 2013

Summer was beautiful – I love spending time kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, biking…But I also love this time of the year when nights and mornings are chilly…So what do you do on those cold mornings and during chilly evenings (besides obvious brushing teeth, washing your face, getting dresses etc.)? I’m sure the list could be…

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