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Do you need to pay to use toilet in Poland? Posted by on Feb 6, 2014

It’s a commonn misconception that you need to pay to use the loo in Poland. Yes, maybe in some places, but not everywhere. In the past, most places, including restaurants and bars, would have toilet attendants who’d charge you a small set fee to enter the toilet. The attendants would most likely be females, hence…

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Let’s experiment! Time to visit Copernicus Science Centre! Posted by on Feb 2, 2014

“Obscurity is painful to the mind” (“Niejasność jest bolesna dla umysłu”) is a thought by David Hume, but it should be remembered that the author was not talking about the obscurity being hardened stupidity, but rather a simple lack of interest in knowledge. Poles have taken the words of an 18th century philosopher to heart…

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Polish street art going big! Posted by on Feb 1, 2014

Street art has long had a contentious relationship with the law. Judging by how New York is treating street-artist-in-residence Banksy, it doesn’t look to get better in America anytime soon. However, street artists in Poland are making a push to put legal street art on the map.Poland has become the land of giants!In cities across…

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