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What Christmas Markets to visit in Poland this Holiday season? Posted by on Nov 30, 2021

One of the best things I remember about Christmas when I lived in Poland was visiting Christmas Markets! So many big cities and small towns have their markets during Holiday season. While some of the markets are perhaps more attractive than others, each of them is unique and worth visiting. Wrocław Christmas Market is definitely…

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How many spices can you name in Polish? Posted by on Nov 29, 2021

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without amazing food! And because Holidays are just around the corner, let’s see if you need help translating those spice ingredients in recipes? Spices started to become popular in medieval times when soldiers and traders brought them back to their countries from different corners of the globe. Their rarity made spices…

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Let’s talk about kiełbasa… Posted by on Nov 18, 2021

We know it originated in Poland and it is now enjoyed all around the world! I bet all of you have tasted this food in some kind of form! May it be from the grill, smoked, on a sandwich, in a hunter’s stew, on a pizza, in a soup. But how much do you actually…

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Have you tried steak tartare from the Polish menu? Posted by on Nov 12, 2021

If you dined at traditional Polish restaurants, you probably know that Steak Tartare is the King of Polish appetizers! It is typically a special or delicacy and often described as one of the most delicious items on the Polish menu. Tartare is not only delicious beef, but also a variety of additions that will allow you…

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