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The Oh-So-Easy Adverbs Posted by on Nov 27, 2009

We haven’t covered even a smidget of grammar in a really long time, and I’m sure that by now you all must be really missing all those declensions, and cases, and tenses, and aspects and what not. Unfortunately than you will have to miss them for a few more days, because today we will talk…

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Lazy Male? Posted by on Aug 12, 2008

After all the grammar stuff last week, I don’t know about you, but I think we‘re long overdue for something more entertaining. Yes, I know that grammar is essential when learning a new language properly, though personally, I’ve never been the kind of student who sits down and dutifully memorizes different verb endings. In whatever…

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Polish Adjectives, part 1 Posted by on Jul 17, 2008

In my last article, while talking about “grand beaver dwelling places” (oh yes, we talk about some strange things here) I briefly touched on the subject of adjectives. So I suppose it’s only fitting to finally give those adjectives a post of their own. Polish adjectives get a bad rap among foreign speakers, but totally…

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Bobrowniki Wielkie Posted by on Jul 14, 2008

One of the readers, Ed, had a question about a village called Bobrowniki Wielkie, located somewhere near Tarnów. Ed’s mother was born in Bobrowniki and he wanted to know more about the place. Initially, I was stumped, I never heard of it myself. But no worries, after a bit of searching, I found some info…

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