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This and That in Polish Posted by on Aug 21, 2008

The distinction between “this” and “that” is more or less clear in English. Or at least I’ve always thought so. But as one of our readers has pointed out, while “this” is easier to grasp when translated into a foreign language, things can get really goofy with “that”. Fortunately, I can assure you that people…

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More Pronoun Fun: Ci, Te Posted by on Aug 8, 2008

Ok, so today I’m supposed to tell you how to figure out the gender when it comes to plural nouns and adjectives. But first, we need to talk just a tiny little but about those plural nouns and their genders. You see, those plural nouns can be confusing. They are even to me. And I…

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Ten Ta To Posted by on Aug 6, 2008

In my last post I quoted a Japanese lady who is learning Polish in Tokyo. She kindly gave us several examples of why she likes Poland so much. And to show off her Polish grammar, she even used a variety of adjective-noun combinations. I don’t know about you, but if it was me speaking in…

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Polish Adjectives, part 1 Posted by on Jul 17, 2008

In my last article, while talking about “grand beaver dwelling places” (oh yes, we talk about some strange things here) I briefly touched on the subject of adjectives. So I suppose it’s only fitting to finally give those adjectives a post of their own. Polish adjectives get a bad rap among foreign speakers, but totally…

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Plural, Singular or Something In-Between? Posted by on Jul 4, 2008

This last post about wakacje (holidays) made me a little bit confused. OK, not a little. A lot. While writing it, I was unable to fully determine the grammatical gender of “wakacje”, and a random selection of my countrymen to whom I posed that question just looked at me with utter bewilderment. “You mean it…

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