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Great museums to visit in Poland Posted by on Apr 24, 2015

Here is a list of some great museums worth visiting in Poland! Everyone should find something interesting:) Museum of the Warsaw Uprising (Warsaw) Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego: When you’re done walking through the exhibitions and watching the startling documentaries filmed during the fighting in 1944 on display here, you’ll understand a lot more about the Poles’ resolve…

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Few basic facts about Poland Posted by on Jan 8, 2014

Ask any tourist about Poland and you might get a mumble of beautiful cities, vodka, communist rule, Pope John Paul II and Euro 2012. Here are few facts I picked up to help make your visit even more meaningful and interesting: * Nearly 35% of the 60 million Poles live abroad and large Polish speaking…

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A New Decade Is Here Posted by on Jan 3, 2010

Hello everyone! So… how does it feel to live in 2010? I see there’s a debate going on in the media (at least in the US) on what to call this year in English: twenty-ten or two thousand ten. I’m in the 20-10 camp myself. Luckily, there’s no such problem in Polish. It’s rok dwa…

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Kombinowanie continued Posted by on Nov 2, 2009

So, let’s go back to the issue of kombinowanie for a few more minutes. Turns out that the person who claims that Poles are a cheating, scheming and otherwise dishonest bunch also reads this blog. Oh, hi! Small world, isn’t it? Thank you for providing us with such an interesting discussion topic! And to another…

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Druga Wojna Światowa – World War 2 Posted by on Sep 2, 2009

Yesterday Poland observed the 70th anniversary of the start of WW2. I wasn’t going to write about it initially, but then I realized it would look very stupid and almost un-Polish if I didn’t mention it at all. Yet on the other hand, talking about WW2 makes me a bit uncomfortable. Why? I feel this…

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The Question of Prussia Posted by on Jan 6, 2009

A few weeks ago one of the readers made a comment about Prussia. A family member of hers claimed to have Prussian ancestry, not Polish. Personally, I find this statement a bit odd, but that’s just me, OK? Prussia, Prusy in Polish (a.k.a. Germany, or one of its many incarnations) was a neighbor of Poland…

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Mazurek Dąbrowskiego – Polish National Anthem Posted by on Dec 3, 2008

Yesterday I had a very interesting, if a bit odd conversation with one of my friends. The friend in question is also very interesting, if a bit odd, and I suppose that goes a long way towards explaining her strange musical hobbies. Anyway, she walked up to me, hugged me and said: “I really love…

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