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Czytać – To read or not to read? Posted by on Jun 28, 2010

The verb czytać and its conjugation. A good verb to learn a basis for conjugation of several Polish verbs that end in -ać. As with many rules though, there are exceptions.

Polish Present Tense Posted by on Apr 21, 2009

Of course, since last time I bravely announced that the next post would be about grammar, I put on my procrastinator’s hat and have been doing everything possible to put it off for as long as possible. But then today my friend said “you’re stupid, the sooner you explain this grammar stuff, the sooner you…

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Polish Verbs of Motion Posted by on Oct 16, 2008

Polish verbs make me cry. And I don’t mean the tears of joy here, that’s for sure. I’ve never thought about just how evil they can be until recently. I was working on a project, which demanded expert knowledge of verbs, Polish verbs, naturally, and that was a real eye-opener for me. I’ve never realized…

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