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Strange Brazil News Stories Posted by on Feb 29, 2012

There have been some strange stories in the news in Brazil recently, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to practice your reading skills! Homem é preso com RG com foto do ator Jack Nicholson no Recife, Último Segundo A Polícia Civil de Pernambuco prendeu nesta terça-feira (28) um homem que usava documentação…

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Brazilian Dessert Recipe: Pavê Posted by on Feb 27, 2012

Today we’re going to learn how to make an incredibly delicious dessert, called pavê. Though it’s a popular dessert in Brazil, it’s actually of French origins, and the word “pavé” comes from the word for the stones used to pave the streets. The most common joke–using a play on words–you’ll hear when people eat pavê…

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Oscar Movies 2012 in Portuguese Posted by on Feb 26, 2012

Tonight is the Oscars, which is also followed in Brazil, even though this year there are no Brazilian films nominated. (However, Rio, the animated film, is nominated for best song.) Here are some of the main nominees this year, with the categories and titles in Portuguese! Melhor filme (Best Film) •    Os Descendentes •    A…

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How to describe someone physically, em português! Posted by on Feb 24, 2012

Hey, there! How’ve you been? Let’s learn some very interesting sentences (frases muito interessantes) to learn how to describe someone physically in Portuguese. But before that let me give you a tip (uma dica): when you repeat these sentences try to remember someone (tente se lembrar de alguém) you know who has those characteristics, that…

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Rio Carnival Documentaries Posted by on Feb 24, 2012

Rio de Janeiro’s famous Carnival parade took place on Sunday and Monday, and the champion’s parade will take place this weekend. So let’s learn about the history of samba and Carnival in Rio! I found a bunch of short documentaries that are really interesting and include both history and great music! Matrizes do Samba do…

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São Paulo Carnival 2012 Posted by on Feb 22, 2012

Carnival in Brazil officially kicked off last week, and was in full swing over the weekend. On Friday and Saturday, São Paulo held its annual Carnival parade at the city’s own Sambadrome. Fourteen samba schools squared off to compete for the title of the city’s best school. After an unusual outbreak of violence during the…

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O Ano Começa Depois do Carnaval Posted by on Feb 17, 2012

To start off Carnaval, which officially starts today in many peoples’ hearts, minds, and thirst. Let’s listen to some classic Carnaval parade songs, shall we? Turma do Funil (1956)  Chegou a turma do funil / Todo mundo bebe / Mas ninguém dorme no ponto / Ai ai, ninguém dorme no ponto / Nós é que…

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