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2018 Carnaval hits Posted by on Feb 21, 2018

Olá, queridos leitores! Hello, dear readers! Even though the folia (revelry) from Carnaval is unfortunately over now, the major hits that have been playing regularly throughout the celebration still have a lasting hold on its ouvintes (listeners). If you weren’t able to spend your Carnaval days enjoying the festa (party) here in Brazil, you can…

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Getting drunk in Portuguese – Part II Posted by on Feb 18, 2018

Bom dia, meus leitores! Good morning, my readers! Today we are going to cover the second part of our drinking slang in Portuguese. Let’s do this? Saúde! Cheers! passar da conta – to exaggerate, to drink too much Acho que passei da conta, preciso de uma aspirina | I think I’ve had too much, I…

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Getting drunk in Portuguese – Part I Posted by on Feb 14, 2018

Se embebedando em português – Parte I Olá, leitores! Hello, readers! Today is Ash Wednesday, meaning that Brazil over the past week was bursting with Carnaval joy. Millions of people crowded the streets to celebrate, dance, listen to music and, of course, get our booze on. So no day better than this one to introduce…

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Portuguese listening/reading practice – Meditação e foco no macarrão Posted by on Jan 30, 2018

[Prática de escuta e leitura em Português] Olá, pessoal! Hello, guys! January is up, so it’s time to practice our reading and listening skills! Today’s text is entitled “Meditação e foco no macarrão” (Meditation and focus on the spaghetti) by Brazilian writer and journalist Antônio Prata. He talks about relaxing, anxiety and social media, so…

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Some reflexive verbs in Portuguese Posted by on Jan 26, 2018

Ei, pessoal! Hey, guys? Como estão se sentindo hoje? How are you feeling today? We use reflexive verbs when the subject and the object of a sentence refer to the same person, that is, the agent both performs and receives the action. For example: Se apresente para o grupo | Introduce yourself to the group…

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