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5 facts about the Brazilian military regime Posted by on Apr 30, 2019

It is no surprise that Jair Bolsonaro, the current president of Brazil, came to poder (power) fomenting many controversies that have been increasing in his first months of governo (government). Be it his declarations about the Nazi government being de esquerda (leftist) right during visit to the Holocaust Museum in Israel, or his attitudes seen…

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Why is April 21srt a holiday in Brazil? Posted by on Apr 22, 2019


What could an 18th-century dentist nicknamed Tiradentes (“Teeth Remover”) represent for the imaginary of an entire país (country)? In Brazil, a lot. Tiradentes is one of our most famous historical figures, a symbol of the conspiracy contra (against) the Portuguese governo (government), which became conhecido (known) as Inconfidência Mineira. While many countries are celebrating the…

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Who is Olavo de Carvalho? Posted by on Apr 13, 2019

In the year 2018, shortly after the presidential election victory, the current Brazilian chefe de estado (Head of State) Jair Bolsonaro made his first discurso (speech) through a video posted on his social networks. On his desk you could see four books that supported his ideas during the campaign. The Brazilian constitution, Winston Churchill’s wartime…

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A foreigner’s experience in Brazil – An interview II Posted by on Mar 31, 2019

Olá a todos! Hello to all! Como vocês têm passado? How have you been doing? As Portuguese learners, it is likely that some of you have considered the possibility of coming to Brazil someday. Some of you might even be already. If so, what is it like? Based on this curiosity, I have conducted a…

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Portuguese listening/reading practice – Bolsonaro terá supervisão de um adulto Posted by on Mar 25, 2019

Olá, leitores! Hello, readers! Today’s listening and reading practice features a text by Brazilian journalist Renato Terra named Bolsonaro terá supervisão de um adulto (Bolsonaro will have adult supervision). He writes a weekly satirical column about Brazil’s current political issues. This one talks about President Jair Bolsonaro’s most recent Twitter blunder about Carnival. Check out…

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Brazilian News: The Mangueira Samba school parade and the murder of Marielle Franco Posted by on Mar 15, 2019

March 14th. What used to be customary date in the Brazilian calendar is now a day of tristeza, luta e resistência política (sadness, struggle, political resistance) of minorities and progressive movements in the social field. It was on that date, in the ano (year) 2018, that the vereadora (councilwoman) of the city of Rio de…

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Carnival tips in Portuguese Posted by on Feb 28, 2019

Olá a todos foliões! Hello to all revellers! Brazil’s largest celebration, the carnaval,is coming up this week! And as its biggest and wildest party, it is of extreme importance to know how to take care of your saúde, bem-estar e segurança (health, well-being and safety) while you get rowdy. Today’s post will put together some…

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