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Unbelievable headlines from Brazil in 2021 Posted by on Jan 10, 2022 in Brazilian News, Brazilian Profile, Culture, Customs, Entertainment, Environment, Learning, Video, Vocabulary

Saudações, prezados leitores! Greetings, dear readers! Feliz 2022! Happy 2022!  Você acompanha as notícias em português? Do you follow the news in Portuguese? Our previous posts offered a recap on last year’s main stories. But besides those decisive events that shaped 2021, there were several other manchetes (headlines) that caught our attention throughout the year. And some of them were quite unusual, to say the least. 

Jacaré (Photo by Ricardo Esquivel from Pexels)

Today’s post will feature some of the bizarre, amusing or somewhat unsettling notícias (news) that, in their own way, paint a very accurate portrait of the past year in the country and enlighten certain aspects of Brazilian culture and mindset. And if you are looking to brush up on your habilidades de leitura (reading skills), just hit the links for the original story in Portuguese (and some quite interesting videos)! Vamos lá?


Homem usa jacaré como arma em briga | Man uses alligator as a weapon in fight

As jacarés (alligators) are a native species to the country, Brazilians are no strangers to the reptile. Employing them as armas (weapons), however, require a certain level of skill, courage or straight up loucura (madness). Whichever one it was, this man from Rio de Janeiro was definitely willing to put up a fight. 

When dispute broke out, one of the man involved simply grabbed a small-sized alligator and thrust it forward to threaten his opponent. As if that weren’t enough, a dog can also be seen excitedly jumping around the men. Police officers reported to the scene and helped release the animal back into his natural habitat. Who do you think ganhou essa briga (won this fight)?


Arara fecha registro com o bico e deixa terminal de ônibus sem água | Macaw shuts-off water valve with its beak and interrupts supply at bus station

Arara (Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels)

Speaking of native species, this time os animais selvagens (the wildlife) is to blame. The arara-canindé (blue-and-yellow macaw) is a hugely popular and stunning-looking pássaro (bird) that can be considered a symbol of Brazil. What you wouldn’t expect, however, is that such majestic creature could be caught expertly twisting a valve, consequently leaving thousands without access to água (water) at a rodoviária (bus station). 

Seems like a simple issue, but a torneira (the valve) ultimately had to be replaced to avoid any further attempts of tampering. Maybe the macaw was trying to save the planet?


Bombeiro atea fogo em sede de jornal por não aceitar medidas contra Covid | Fireman sets fire to newspaper headquarters for refusing to accept Covid curbing measures

Bombeiro (Photo by Pixabay from Pexels)

As we saw the emergence of new mutations and Covid-19 waves last year, governments were forced to to take action and implement certain medidas (measures) to evitar o contágio (prevent the spread). And lots of people were deeply chateadas (upset) by these restrictions and their consequences.

One of them, however, took it too far and decided to attack the headquarters of a jornal (newspaper) that had been publishing artigos (articles) expressing their apoio (support) for the new regras (rules). The tragic irony behind this? The author of the crime was no less than um bombeiro (a fireman). It sure takes a lot of raiva (rage) to turn a fireman into an arson.


Maracujá (Photo by Any Lane from Pexels)

Psicóloga é presa após jogar maracujá em idosa que pedia reabertura das igrejas | Psychologist arrested after throwing a passion fruit on elderly woman calling for reopening of churches 

And lastly, what upset this one was precisely o contrário (the opposite). While some reclamavam (complained) about restrictions, others feared that a relaxation would lead to a new aumento (spike) in infections. Uma manifestação (a demonstration) in favor of reopening churches amid the pandemic led to a violent backlash, as a disgruntled psychologist tossed a passion fruit pela janela (out the window), hitting a 73-year-old woman.

It is hard to believe that o maracujá (the passion fruit), a beloved tropical fruit in Brazil known for its efeitos calmantes (soothing properties), could be responsible for the event going sour.

Did you read any other crazy news about Brazil recently? Compartilhe com a gente!

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