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Why so serious? The word ‘sério’ in Portuguese Posted by on Mar 14, 2022 in Brazilian Profile, Culture, Customs, Learning, Slang, Vocabulary

Fala, pessoal! Tudo bem? Sério mesmo? Learning about collocations and idioms is the best way to achieve fluency and communicating in a natural way in a foreign language. And using the word sério (serious) properly can certainly help. Today’s post will round up some examples of how to use the term and their meanings. And if you want to dig deeper into the topic of expressions in Portuguese, check out these related posts here, here or here. So it’s time to get serious!

Por que você está tão sério? (Image by Ольга Бережна from Pixabay )

First of all, sério means the same as in English, as in something bad, severe or as a person who is quiet and not into jokes:

  • – E então, doutor? É sério? | – So doctor, is it serious?
  • Esse problema é sério, precisamos resolvê-lo agora | This is a serious problem, we need to solve it now.
  • Por que você está tão sério? Estamos em uma festa, aproveita! | Why do you look so serious? We’re at a party, enjoy it!

Remember that “sério” as an adjective should therefore be modified according to gender and number:

  • Entrei no quarto das minhas filhas para brincar com elas, mas elas estavam tão sérias fazendo o dever de casa! | I went into my daughters’ room to play with them, but they were all serious doing their homework!

Você está falando sério? (Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels)

sério as really or seriously

  • – Consegui a bolsa de estudos! – Sério? Parabéns! | – I got the scholarship! – Oh really? Congratulations!
  • – Meu pai está no hospital porque quebrou a perna ontem – Sério? Que pena! | – My dad is in the hospital because he broke his leg yesterday – Really? That’s too bad!
  • É sério que você se demitiu? Não acredito! | Did you really quit your job? I can’t believe it!

You can even go a little further and try sério mesmo, which is a little more emphatic but also a bit informal and can be translated as for real:

  • – Você viu que o preço da gasolina está a sete reais o litro? – Sério mesmo? Que péssimo! | – Did you see that gas prices are going for 7 reais per liter? – For real? That’s terrible!

    Essa conexão está me tirando do sério! (Photo by energepic.com from Pexels)

“falar sério” as in to be serious, to mean something

  • Meu pai prometeu que ia levar toda a família pra Disney no meu aniversário, mas acho que ele não estava falando sério | My dad promised he’d take the whole family to Disney for my birthday, but I don’t think he meant it.
  • – Ah não, acho que esqueci meu telefone no ônibus! – Você está falando sério? E agora? | – Oh no, I think I left my phone on the bus! – Are you serious? Now what?
  • – Joguei na loteria e ganhei mil reais! – Você não pode estar falando sério | – I played the lottery and I won a thousand reais! – You can’t be serious.

É sério que já acabou? But don’t worry, there is more to come next week! Tenham uma ótima semana.

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