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More ways to use ‘sério’ in Portuguese Posted by on Mar 25, 2022 in Brazilian News, Brazilian Profile, Culture, Customs, Entertainment, Learning, Music, Slang, Video, Vocabulary

Ei, gente! Prontos para o fim de semana? Mas agora é hora de falar sério! But now it’s time to get serious and move on with our previous post about the word sério in Portuguese. Today we are going to cover a few more idioms and examples related to this very interesting term in our language. Vem dar uma olhada!

Por que você está tão séria? (Photo by Karolina Grabowska)

The phrase fala sério is used as an interjection to express indignation or frustration and can be roughly translated as “seriously” or “come on”:

  • O motorista do Uber cancelou a viagem de novo! Fala sério! | The Uber driver canceled the ride again! Come on!
  • Ah fala sério! Perdi o ônibus por uma questão de segundos! | Oh come on! I missed the bus by a matter of seconds!

“tirar alguém do sério” as in to drive someone crazy, to get on someone’s nerves

  • Essa internet lenta está me tirando do sério! | This slow internet connection is getting on my nerves!
  • É impossível encontrar um lugar para estacionar nessa região, isso me tira do sério | It’s impossible to find a parking spot in this area, it drives me crazy.

    Ninguém me leva à sério na empresa (Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels)

“levar a sério” as in to take something seriously

  • Quando encontrei com o advogado, ele estava de bermuda, não dá pra levar ele a sério | When I met the lawyer, he was wearing shorts, you can’t take him seriously.
  • Ninguém me levava à sério quando eu era só uma estagiária, agora todos me respeitam | Nobody took me seriously when I was just an intern, now everybody respects me.
  • Se não começar a levar seus estudos à sério, você nunca vai poder fazer faculdade | If you don’t start taking your studies seriously, you’ll never be able to go to college.

“cara séria” as in looking serious, sulking

Brazilians are usually very friendly and like to smile. So if you’re not really in a cheerful mood as we so often are, you will likely hear this phrase.

  • Nossa, que cara séria! Aconteceu alguma coisa? | Wow, you look so serious! Did anything happen?
  • Por que seu pai está com uma cara tão séria durante a viagem toda? | Why has your been father so serious during the whole trip?

Are you curious about how the use the word ‘cara’ too? Check out this post:

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And as a bonus treat for learners, here is a classic song from the 2000s featuring Brazilian popular rap group Charlie Brown Jr. and R&B singer Negra Li, Não É Sério, so you can boost your language skills as you sing:

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