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Body language in Portuguese Posted by on Nov 30, 2019

 E aí, caros leitores? What’s up, dear readers? Time to put a smile on your face because we have a new post today! A linguagem corporal (body language) is something intrinsic to our daily lives even if we don’t realize it. We are constantly communicating through our bodies and transmitting non-verbal information with our movimentos (movements), gestos (gestures) and expressões…

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How to say ‘call’ in Portuguese Posted by on Nov 26, 2019

woman on the phone

You might remember the scene: two men are standing on the sidewalk, one of them asks the other: call me a cab! to which the other replies: you’re a cab! Well, these two are none other than the great Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor in the unforgettable 1952 musical Singing in the Rain. In addition…

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What is ‘cair a ficha’ in Portuguese? Posted by on Nov 16, 2019

Saudações a todos os leitores! Greetings, everyone! The other day I was thinking about interesting topics to cover in our blog and then it hit me: I should write about cair a ficha! Cair a ficha is a popular idiom that we use regularly in Portuguese to express that moment when we realize or notice…

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