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2018 Retrospective – Part II Posted by on Jan 14, 2019

Bom dia, leitores! Good morning, readers! Our previous post remembered the most remarkable events that took place in the ano (year) 2018 in Brazil. Now let’s move on to the second part! In case you missed it, here you go:  A prisão do ex-Presidente Lula | The arrest of former President Lula For a period…

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What is Ursal? Posted by on Aug 21, 2018

Boa noite, pessoal! Good evening, everyone! Nothing better to understand a country’s estado atual (current state) than the memes it has been producing. The truth is that, other than having a comic effect, some memes also tend to work as a radar for assuntos do momento (present issues). Brazil’s latest meme is related to something…

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