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The Museu Nacional fire Posted by on Sep 9, 2018

Saudações a todos. Greetings to all. Museus (museums) are said to be edifícios (buildings) designed to store works of art or objects of cultural and historical interest to the public. If that is so, Brazil started out this semana (week) culturally impoverished after the incêndio (fire) that took place in the Museu Nacional, in Rio…

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Museu de Arte de São Paulo Posted by on May 25, 2017

Olá, galera! Hey, everyone! The dazzling cidade (city) of São Paulo is Brazil’s wealthiest, largest and most populous metropole. As such, a lot can be expected from its major museum, the São Paulo Art Museum (Museu de Arte de São Paulo), also conhecido (known) as MASP. MASP is a leading Brazilian cultural institution and an…

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Inhotim Posted by on Nov 20, 2016

Olá, gente! Hello, you guys! Earlier esse ano (this year), we talked about museums in Rio de Janeiro that you shouldn’t miss. Now it’s time for you to get to know the amazing Inhotim. palavras-chave/key words: arte (art), museu (museum), contemporânea (contemporary), parque (park), natureza (nature), obra (artwork) Inhotim is o maior (the largest) open air…

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