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Natural disasters in Portuguese Posted by on Feb 8, 2022

Fala, pessoal! What’s up, you guys? Como está o clima onde vocês estão? What’s the weather like where you are? Fevereiro (February) means freezing cold temperatures in the northern hemisphere, but scorching quente (hot) weather for those down south, like us Brazilians. At least it’s a break from the raging tempestades (storms) we saw in…

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Brazilians Help Out in Haiti Posted by on Jan 15, 2010

After the devastating earthquake in Haiti this week, Brazilians rose to the challenge to help out in the Caribbean country. Brazil already had 1,300 peacekeeping troops stationed there (although at least fourteen soldiers were killed in the quake). Brazil pledged US$15 million in aid, along with 13 tons of food and 17 tons of medicine…

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