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The imperative in Portuguese Posted by on Oct 2, 2016

Parem tudo que estiverem fazendo! Stop everything you’re doing! Now let’s learn more about the imperativo, that is, the imperative form in Portuguese. Não se preocupem! Don’t worry! The imperative can be very similar to English, though some things do change 🙂 The imperative is used to express an order, a request, an instruction (in…

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Adjectives in Português Posted by on Jun 10, 2016

Ei, gente! Hey, guys! Como está o dia de vocês? (How is your day going?) To answer this question, you’ll probably need adjetivos (adjectives). Adjectives words that modify nouns. They are used to describe and give information about things, ideais and people. Therefore, they are terms constantly used in our everyday lives. Veja só (Take…

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