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Águas de Março Posted by on Mar 10, 2010

Happy March! The song “Waters of March,” originally written by Tom Jobim and performed here by Elis Regina, is a true classic. It also has an interesting backstory: in Rio de Janeiro, March is a very rainy month with lots of flooding, and Jobim was inspired by the Rio weather, and actually wrote the music…

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Thanksgiving Vocabulary Posted by on Nov 20, 2009

In Brazil, there’s no such thing as Thanksgiving, but it’s useful to know vocabulary about your own culture so that you can share it with your friends in Portuguese. It’s much easier to explain something foreign when you know the right words. Let’s take a look: holiday = feriado Thanksgiving Day = Dia de Ação…

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Proverbs Practice Posted by on Aug 14, 2009

Today, we’re going to go over some Portuguese proverbs and take a look at their meanings. Some are tricky since there are slightly different English equivalents. 1. Quem ama o feio, bonito lhe parece. Literal meaning: Ugly people appear beautiful when they are loved. English equivalent: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 2…

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Word of the Day File: Gerente Posted by on May 25, 2009

If you look at the right side of the blog, you’ll notice the word of the day, where we feature a word in Portuguese, its English translation, and its proper application seven days a week. In this new series, we’ll talk a bit about the word of the day to expand upon its use. Today’s…

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