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From Russia with Humor: Posted by on Jan 23, 2008

Even though I don’t think anyone with even the slightest interest in Russia can possibly have missed this amazing blog, I still felt like I have an obligation to tell the world about it. Every time I take yet another picture out and about in the Great Russia, capturing her peculiar splendor and her eccentric…

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Ура, январские праздники! Hurrah, the January Holidays! Posted by on Jan 7, 2008

In some countries you get one day off in January – the first. In other countries you might also get the second day off as a part of the public holiday known as New Year. In Russia – not so much. As a matter of fact – even more! The first seven days of…

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Russian Names – Contemporary Frequencies & Old Soviet Rarities Posted by on Jan 2, 2008

After you’ve spent more than two weeks in Russia and made friends with at least a handful of Russians you will, without a doubt, ask yourself: “Is it just me or does this country only have ten given names all in all?” Though it may seem as if everyone you meet is either a Masha…

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